Tips to boost your self-esteem

  • Stop criticising yourself – when  you find you are experiencing a critical thought towards yourself, in your mind simply shout “STOP”. Then recognise it for the unhelpful thought it is and move on.
  • Be good enough – don’t aim for perfection. Simply acknowledge there is a middle ground called ‘good enough’.
  • Show yourself compassion – be gentle with yourself. Recognise what you are good at and make time regularly to do the things you enjoy most.
  • Try to handle mistakes positively – see them for what they really are…opportunities to learn. It is normal to stumble and fall, be your own best friend by not beating yourself up about it. Instead ask yourself “what can I learn from this?”
  • Stop comparing – comparing yourself or your life to others isn’t productive. You are unique, reflect on how far you have come and what you want to work on next.
  • Be patient and keep practising – these techniques take time to master, relax and enjoy.

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