Take time to pause – and meditate.

Our society values doing, achieving, speed. The result of this non-stop culture is often much productivity, but little living. And, of course, there is also stress and burn-out.

But look around in nature, and you will see the wisdom of pausing. Strong outbursts of energy are balanced with times of calm. A storm doesn’t last a week; a child cannot cry for 10 hours in a row; and man cannot eat without stopping, without eventually killing himself.

Likewise, it is the pause of sleep that allows us to function healthily. It is the pauses in music that gives meaning to the notes. It is the pauses in speech that allows you to deliver a powerful message. And it is the times apart in a relationship that renews your feelings.

Pauses give you perspective. They replenish you. They allow you to see things with fresh eyes, understand once again what’s truly important, and appreciate what you have right now – all essential elements in living a fulfilling life.

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