Stop Smoking – give up nicotine for life

cigarette--packs--cigarettes--pack_3256614You’ve decided you’re going to stop smoking and you are determined. Hypnotherapy is an effective method to stop smoking – our therapist can help to alleviate your desire and successfully set you on the path of managing your cravings.

Stopping can save you money, improve your health, your complexion and give you fresher breath.


Our stop smoking programme costs £99 and includes an initial consultation followed by one 90-minute hypnotherapy session and support resources to help you maintain a new healthy lifestyle. One hypnotherapy session is often enough, although sometimes a follow-up session may be necessary.

The Tobacco Manufactorers’ Association (2014) quotes the UK cigarette RRP £ per 20 as £8.23. Just think – if you smoke 10 cigarettes a day x 7 days a week that = £27.80 per week.

Take it a step further – £27.60 x 52 weeks = £1445.60 per year!

At our local shop a pack of 20 cigarettes is currently sold for £6.76. So, if you smoke only 10 a day this will cost you £1080.30p a year.

Invest £99 in your health and your wallet –  what would you do with the remaining £981.30?

‘Stopping smoking at about aged 30 leads to a gain of almost 10 years of life expectancy, stopping at age 60 still yields a 3 year gain in life expectancy.’ NHS England, Feb 2014.

Maybe a cigarette or cigar has been your treat after a meal and something that socially bonded you with your smoking friends? Maybe despite suggestions from your doctor, requests from family members and the cost, you’ve carried on with what you knew was damaging your health? Have you lived beilieving in the myth – smoking alleviates feelings of anxiety? Like many smokers you’ve probably tried many times to stop, and failed? Perhaps there’s been a time when you were ready to stop but lacked that final ‘push’?

If you are in that place then contact us to finally become a non-smoker.