Spring Clean to find a Happier You

Small tips to make a BIG difference:

  1. Create a restful environment – de-clutter your home, sort through your wardrobes, drawers, cupboards and those piles of things on the kitchen counter/desk/coffee table. Stored up and ‘put to one side’ items are often decisions waiting to be made. Now is the time to ask yourself ‘when did I last use it?’, followed by ‘ truthfully, am I likely to use it again?’ Unleash their potential – use, re-cycle, donate or bin it!
  2. Be present – say ‘no’ to something then you can say ‘yes’ to yourself sometimes. If you over commit yourself then you miss out on the things you enjoy – things that support your well-being; quality time with those we care about, hobbies, fun activities etc. Give yourself the gift of being fully present and discover the joy it brings.
  3. Put it down – schedule time to move away from your desk, computer, phone, tablet etc. These things distract from doing the things that support a healthy body and mind. Try  something new like a sport, walking, craft activity or reading. Taking time away from your desk and technology can help you to feel more productive and boost your mood.
  4. ‘Me’ time – generally life is busier and we are becoming more aware of the need for ‘me’ time. A hot bath with music might be all that’s needed but don’t forget other options like going for a run, walking in nature. Yoga is becoming popular along with meditation and spending time with animals – all good ways to release anxieties and stress. Making time for yourself is key to putting things in perspective and clearing your mind.
  5. Thoughts list – write a list of all the things that have frequently occupied your thoughts lately. Focusing on them one by one, ask yourself ‘how do I feel about this?’, ‘what is it about it that I don’t like?’ followed by ‘what can I do about it/what control do I have?’. Give yourself a minute or two to reflect on your answers then commit to taking action –  take the first step to sort it, ask for help or let it go.
  6. Be proactive – spring cleaning to release unhelpful clutter from your life can only happen if you allow it to. We often make life more complicated than necessary. Choose to simplify, be open to doing things differently, to achieve space in your life to breathe.

NB. Start small, don’t  commit to more than one or two changes at once. Remember, we experience success when we’ve achieved what we intended/desired….no matter how tiny it is.


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