Pain Management

age-imageWhat simple everyday things would you do if you could manage your pain?

  • Fold the laundry?
  • Clean the fridge?
  • Play with the children?
  • Go out for lunch with a friend?
  • Enjoy a gentle stroll?
  • Spend time on a hobby?

But right now your pain prevents you from doing basic tasks and enjoying life’s simple pleasures? We understand it’s affecting you every day.

Maybe you feel anxious, angry or frustrated with your body? This is a natural reaction and can make it more difficult to deal with the reality. Our body and mind is connected, which is why Hypnotherapy can help you to tap into your natural ability to manage your pain.  It isn’t a miracle cure but it can help you to take your attention away from your pain, regulate it or alter your perception of it. Furthermore, the deep relaxation you will experience during Hypnotherapy will assist in reducing any stress and anxiety you are feeling.