Learning Difficulties

Life can be challenging for all children and young people from time to time but even more so for a child or young person with a learning difficulty.

Sometimes their behaviour can be difficult and extreme which can be hard to deal with.

This might be because:

  • they are feeling frustrated and unable to express how they feel.
  • they are feeling different but have no understanding of this.
  • they are struggling to understand what is happening.
  • they are unable to express what they need.
  • they are feeling confused and unable to process the information available.
  • their understanding is affected by the way they view the world e.g. Autism, aspergers, ADHD
  • they have very limited coping strategies and do not know how to problem solve.

I have supported many children and young people with an array of learning difficulties within education, completing a Foundation Degree in Learning Support in 2005. My role included working closely with parents to develop and deliver intervention to meet the child’s individual needs – academically and socially. Today I continue to use my experience and knowledge to help youngsters express how they feel, work through their difficulties and develop skills appropriate tor their personal maturity so they can learn to manage their additional challenges with more confidence.

Don’t struggle on alone, contact me on (01529) 309702 to find out how I can help you and your child.