Is your happiness being robbed by anxiety and stress?

Are you being frustrated by stressful, anxious thoughts and irritating, distressing physical sensations e.g. sweating, headaches, racing heart, digestive issues, muscle pain, dreams?

Maybe you’re constantly fearful – what if that awful, debilitating¬† panic attack you experienced last week rears it’s ugly head again?

When this happens it can feel like something has robbed you of your happiness and that getting it back is impossible.


Stress is often a part of everyday life for many of us, added to this, life events cause us to worry or feel uneasy from time to time. Sometimes a little stress or anxiety can be helpful in driving us forward to meet an important deadline or in improving our performance in a test, but too much anxiety and stress is tiring and can have a negative impact on our ability to function.

What can we offer you to help you to get back on track?

We offer a choice of approaches such as hypnotherapy, talking therapy, relaxation and mindful techniques.

If you would like an Initial Consultation costing, only £25, please get in touch. An Initial Consultation gives you the opportunity to talk to me about what is going on for you.

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