Exam Revision Skills Mentoring

The New Year is only 6-7 weeks from our doors and with it will come the exam season. Year 11 is an important educational milestone in your teenagers life, influencing the choices they will have available to them from September 2020. Many teenagers are already feeling the pressure with their exams looming in the Spring.

Is your child finding it harder to cope? Are they consumed by thoughts of their forthcoming exams and spending all of their time bogged down with schoolwork? Have you noticed a dip in their confidence?

Don’t wait until the exam season is knocking on the door, help your child to prepare in advance so they are ready for the challenge.

I am an accredited counsellor, DBS cleared and have 15 years of experience of working with young people in mainstream education. Having trained as a mentor I am very familiar with the challenges young people face during the exam season and can support your child by guiding them with:

  • Identifying their preferred learning and revising style
  • Organisation
  • Memory training
  • Sharing their concerns and caring for their own well-being
  • Revision techniques
  • Self testing


One-to-one 40 minute sessions – £15 per session. Each session is tailored to your child’s individual needs.

Share the session with a friend for a total cost of £25 per session (2 students) saving you £5 per session.

Book a block of five sessions – £70 (1 student) saving you £5.

Book a block of five shared sessions (2 students) – £115, giving you an enormous saving of £25 – £15 for sharing + £10 for block booking.

To find out more or to book a session today telephone 01529 309702, email Halcyonsleaford@hotmail.com or PM.


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