A Fresh Start!

Autumn is the perfect time to start afresh.

Whether you have kids or not, the start of the new school year creates a vibe that feels like it’s a good time to reflect, start anew and have a go at those things you’ve been meaning to get around to.


Why not go with the flow and harness this seasonal energy? Try something we so often put at the bottom of our priorities when we’re busy juggling the daily demands of work, children, relationships etc…improve your self-care! Spending a little time and energy focusing on meeting your own needs does benefit your general well-being.

Talk with Sarah about how we can help you develop a practical self-care routine with small, simple, enjoyable techniques and solutions. Book a 1 hour Initial Consultation (£25) by visiting our Facebook page, telephoning 01529 039702 or emailing halcyonsleaford@hotmail.com.



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