Stress Management

Sleep Anxiety

At times life can be demanding – work piles up, the bills keep arriving and the kids want the latest designer jeans! We feel stressed by demands that never seem to end so we begin to feel like we can’t cope and before you realise it this stress has become so familiar to you that it feels like the norm until you finally burnout!


Managing stress is about taking control of your thoughts/feelings, developing and utilising a variety of life skill (organisation, assertiveness, self-care) and making small changes to your life.

Here are a few simple tips to help:

  • Pause – take 5 minutes out to be kind to yourself. Move yourself away from your chair for a comfort break, make a drink or have lunch. Stop, breathe and come back to your physical body instead of ruminating in your mind.
  • Be realistic – plan your day but make your ‘to-do’ list reasonable – only put on it what you know you can achieve in the time you have. Prioritise!
  • Make time – create space for things you enjoy doing, activities that make you feel good. Don’t feel guilty, as doing things we love on a regular basis are essential for our own well-being.
  • Ask for help – sometimes this can feel like a difficult thing to do but it’s a smart thing to do. Having someone listen can sometimes be enough and helps clarify our thoughts. Taking those first steps to contact another person or a support organization needs effort but the rewards are worth it.
  • Exercise – a short walk releases feel-good endorphins, leaving you refreshed and energized. Joining a group has social benefits too so is there something that you’ve always wanted to try – maybe dancing, yoga or a walking group? Check out what’s in your area.

Is stress stopping you from functioning in everyday situations? Are you experiencing symptoms like inability to concentrate, headaches, muscle tension, sleep problems, fatigue, comfort eating or drinking (alcohol)? Then consider if you would benefit from talking this through with someone who is skilled in identifying the causes and can support you in making the changes that may make a positive difference in your life.

I can help you take control with small positive steps. Contact me and I will use my experience, knowledge and training to support and gently guide you in dealing with your stress.

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