Does your body seem to take over during situations you perceive as worrying or frightening?

Do your thoughts spiral to the point that you can’t stop thinking?

It is possible to reset your body’s anxiety fuelled responses, and unhelpful thinking, using Hypnotherapy.

Relaxation techniques used in hypnotherapy encourage you breathe fully and deeply, relieving any shortness of breath or tightness you may be experiencing. In helping you to relax your body it is possible to sooth, calm and quieten the mind. What’s great too is, with a little practise, you can use some of these techniques in the comfort of your own home to relax and unwind.

Whilst relaxing in the hypnotic state gentle suggestion can be offered to your subconscious mind – replacing irrational and catastrophic thoughts and unhelpful beliefs with alternative, helpful ones. This creates a more realistic and calmer way of thinking – working better for you.

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