Counselling for children and adolescents

Encouraging children anupsetTeenagerd young people to talk about their feelings is a really helpful thing to do. Often when something is bothering them, talking to a trusted person like a parent, friend or grandparent can make all the difference.

As parents we often know when something is troubling our child. It might be a change of behaviour which alerts us e.g. they appear sad, moody, angry, aggressive, withdrawn, defiant, preoccupied etc. Or it could be a challenging event like the death of someone they love or the loss of a close friend which is causing them considerable distress.

Seeing your child struggle with an array of upset feelings or watching them withdraw into themself can be painful for you as a parent. And at these times it can sometimes be hard to know how best to help them.

I can help your child explore any areas in their life that is causing them to worry. By creating an environment where they feel safe to talk and explore their situation – expressing their feelings in ways which suit them. This is different for every individual depending on their age, development and understanding. For this reason, after attending a workshop for Play Therapy by PTUK, I often use creative activities like sand-play, puppets, art, Play-Doh etc. to support them in expressing how they feel. I tailor my approach to the child’s needs, helping them to find solutions and strategies that work for them.

I initially offer parent(s) a 30 minute Parent Consultation giving the parent(s) the opportunity to talk with me about their child’s problem. Following this I ask the parent(s) to return  with their child, on mutually agreed date/time, for a 20 minute Family Consultation. For these two appointments I charge one total fee of £20.

Each 40/60-minute Counselling session with child – £30