Building Self-Confidence


Why does it feel like some people are ‘just plain lucky’? With everything appearing to just fall into place for them…why does life for you feel so much more challenging?

Basically it comes down to the fact that what you think and believe about yourself has an influence on everything you do. And just to complicate things further, some experiences in life have a habit of chipping away at us. When your self-esteem has taken a bit of a bash many areas of your life are affected…work, social, love…all become more difficult!

So how do we build our confidence out in the real world? – We start inside ourself looking at our own self-acceptance and belief system…and then we practice doing something over and over again until we feel comfortable with it.

How can we trust enough to do something for the first time, or try to do something differently, and risk failure? That’s the difficult bit…we need to give ourselves the same compassion we would give a best friend or partner. Accepting who you are, and believing in yourself, can make all the difference!

Hypnotherapy can help by:

  • encouraging a positive mindset
  • developing self-compassion
  • changing negative beliefs into ones that work better for you
  • increasing your self-acceptance
  • altering your perspective – change the way you see problems and difficulties
  • acting as a bridge between how you feel now and where you want to be, comfortable
  • re-framing the situation/feeling so you feel more confident
  • providing a safe place to practice how you want to respond until you feel you can take that risk

The best way to improve your confidence and self-belief is to experience success.

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