Anxiety & Stress Busting Workshop £30

Thursday 19/01/17 10am – 1pm.

If you’re busy in the daytime, join us for our evening session:

Thursday 26/01/17 6pm – 9pm.

If you are feeling anxious or stressed and want to find a way to move forward

this small, friendly and confidential workshop is for You!

Our three hour workshop will include:

  1.  Insights into the physical and psychological make-up of anxiety, stress and panic attacks, changing the way you percieve them.
  2. Helping you to gain a better understanding of your own anxiety or stress.
  3. Opportunities to sample and learn to use a variety of simple, practical techniques which, with regular use, will assist you in taking back control of how you feel. A selection of resources will be available for you to take home.

Just call or email today to book your place…it’s that easy:

Tel. 01529 309702 or email

Refreshments included.

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